Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Reset My Password?

  • Click Forgot Password?
  • Fill out your personal information in the Password Reset box, click Next
  • Answer your Secret Question, click Submit
  • Enter a New Password, Retype to verify

What is MyChart?

MyChart offers you personalized and secure online access to important information in your electronic medical record. MyChart is available if your healthcare provider is part of the Cone Health network and/or uses the Cone HealthLink electronic medical record system (Epic).

MyChart enables you to securely use the Internet to help manage and receive information about your health. You can use MyChart to:

  • Schedule and request medical appointments with your provider.
  • Communicate electronically and securely with your physician's office.
  • View test results.
  • Request an e-Visit for treatment of non-urgent symptoms (ages 18 and older).
  • View your health summary.
  • Access trusted health information resources.

Is there a fee to use MyChart?

MyChart is a service offered free to our patients.

How do I sign up?

Patients who wish to participate will be issued a MyChart activation code during their office visit or while being discharged from a facility that uses Cone HealthLink. This code will enable you to log in and create your own user ID and password. Our activation methods include:

  • When you visit a Cone Health facility you can receive an activation code by email, text, or printed copy.
  • When you visit a Cone Health facility, ask a Cone Health clinical staff member to activate your account while you are there. You will have to create a user name and password at the time you are activated.
  • Use our online self-signup to create a MyChart account by matching your information against what is on file in your medical record. From the MyChart site, Click Sign Up Now, Sign Up Online.

What kind of test results will be available?

Lab, imaging and pathology results will be available. Timing of the release of results may vary.

What kind of health reminders will I receive?

You will receive notifications about new test results, new messages, upcoming appointments and health reminders.

What kind of health education information is available?

Within MyChart, users can click links to view additional information about specific allergies, medications, test results, immunizations, health issues and preventive care reminders. For example, a patient can click the diabetes diagnosis in his list of current health issues to view general information about that diagnosis.

If some of my health information on MyChart is not correct, what should I do?

Your MyChart information comes directly from your electronic medical record at your doctor's office. Ask your doctor to clarify information at your next visit. You may also send a message through MyChart with the correct information.

If I send a message to my doctor or nurse through MyChart, when can I expect a reply?

You will generally receive an answer within two business days. Users will receive an email notification requesting that they check their MyChart account when there is new information available.

Secure messages sent through MyChart become part of your medical record. Only send messages that are directly related to your medical care.

Please note MyChart should not be used for urgent situations. Please contact your medical center if the situation requires immediate attention or dial 911 in an emergency.

Can my spouse and I share one MyChart account?

No, due to the sensitive nature of medical information, each adult must establish his or her own account.

Can I view a family member's health record in MyChart?

Yes, you can with that person's written consent. This is called shared access and allows a MyChart user to log into their personal MyChart account, and then connect to the family member's MyChart account. Complete an Access an Adult's Account Form and return it as directed on the Access Agreement.

Can children and teenagers have MyChart accounts?

Parents and guardians can request electronic access to their child's medical record until the child's 12th birthday. At that time, a new request must be submitted if parents and guardians choose to provide consent for an adolescent ages 12-17 to have access to their MyChart account.

Once enrolled in MyChart, adolescent patients can:

  • View certain test results.
  • Request appointments.
  • View allergies, medications and immunizations.
  • Send messages securely to your trusted care team.

Parents and guardians can apply to have access to the adolescent's account to:

  • Request appointments.
  • View allergies and immunizations.
  • Send messages securely to the care team.
  • View family history and status.

Note: Adolescents will not have direct access to family history information documented in their electronic medical record until their 18th birthday.

Because certain diagnoses and treatment information is protected for adolescents ages 12-17, there are limitations on the information available to parents and guardians. We encourage you to tallk with your child's provider if you have any concerns and/or need copies of available medical information.

How is MyChart secure?

We take great care to ensure your health information is kept private and secure. Access to information is controlled through secure activation codes, personal IDs and passwords. Each person controls his or her password, and the account cannot be accessed without that password. MyChart uses the latest encryption technology. Unlike conventional email, all MyChart messaging is done while you are securely logged in to our site.

What is your Privacy Policy?

MyChart is fully compliant with federal and state privacy laws. Your contact information will be treated with the same privacy given to your health records and will never be sold or leased.

I was logged out of MyChart, what happened?

We aim to protect the privacy and security of your information. While logged into MyChart, if your keyboard remains idle for 15 minutes or more, you will be automatically logged out of MyChart. We recommend you log out of your MyChart session if you need to leave your computer for even a short time.

What tools do I need to use MyChart?

You need access to a computer connected to the Internet and an up-to-date browser (such as Internet Explorer).

Is my activation code my user ID?

No, your activation code is not your MyChart ID or password. You will use this code only once to log into MyChart for the first time. (The code will expire after you have used it or after 60 days). When you log into MyChart the first time, you will then be asked to create your own unique MyChart ID and password.

What should I do if my activation code does not work?

For your security, your activation code expires after 60 days and is no longer valid after the first time you use it to create your MyChart ID and password. If you still have problems, contact your physician's office. They can re-issue an activation code and mail it to you.

Who do I contact if I have further questions?

As you activate your MyChart account and need any technical assistance, please call the MyChart technical support line at (336) 83-CHART (832-4278) or click Here to contact the MyChart Help Desk.

If you have non-urgent health-related questions, please contact your physician's office. If you have a medical emergency, call 911.